Rock Climbing Indoors
When will we reopen?

We don't know when we'll open again but we really, really wish it happens soon... 

Most of the FAQs are related to NON COVID times.


Needless to say, we really wish we could open sooner but we want to keep our Vashon climbing community safe!

Is it dangerous?

Like any physical activity, there are risks involved, and we try to mitigate the chances of an accident by having clear rules and expectations of behavior on the wall.

There are color-coded hand and foot holds for all skill levels, so it’s important to choose the path that works best for you. When you fall off, there are state of the art mats to catch you.

All classes and workshops are run by climbing professionals, and open climb sessions are also supervised.


You do not need anything special - just comfortable clothes.  We have rental shoes if you do not have your own.

We do rent footwear, as it’s important to maintain the equipment by using the correct attire. If you have climbing shoes, you are welcome to bring them along so we can take a look and see if they are suitable.


We have a number of scheduled classes for all ages and skill levels. We also run workshops and open climb sessions. For a listing of our current classes, click here.


If you would like private instruction, please contact us and lets chat about what you are looking for.


We off summer camps each summer for two weeks. It's a great time to learn new skills and build on existing ones while having a fun time with friends. Learn more here.


Yes, we love have parties! You get the whole place to yourselves for climbing, Foosball-ing, ping ponging, hippidy hopping, slack line walking, and birthday partying! We also have a movie projector, loads of movies, and ability to hook up to laptops.

We'll help you set up and we do the clean up so you can go home and enjoy a clean house!

Learn more here.

Catering by the lovely Island Queen is also available.


One day pass:

Kids $5

Adults  $7

Punch card passes (10 visits):

Kids $40 w/o shoes

Kids $60 w/ shoes

Adults $60 w/o shoes

Adults $80 w/shoes

Shoe rental $2

Birthday party rental (2 hours) $200

Any other questions?

Send us an email or call 206-408-7273!